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Productivity Accelerator

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The financial sector and public sectors find that measuring and improving productivity is more difficult as there is not always a tangible outcome from the resources and processes used in delivery.

Increasing pressure to reduce costs and drive up performance, especially during a recession, make the Productivity Accelerator a key component of any management strategy, not just for survival, but for competitive advantage in the market place.

The Productivity Accelerator Solution is our unique methodology designed to clearly define what level of productivity is being achieved, how it can be measured and how it can be systematically improved to provide a competitive advantage.

Using our methodology, our specialists will perform a detailed and thorough analysis of the resources and work performed in your organisation. You will receive comprehensive reports including a baseline of your current position and a target model. We will provide you with an action plan to take you forward and can provide the resources and capability to make the changes you want to make to release this potential in your business.

Benefits include significantly reduced costs, freed up resources to work on new sales or further improvement, improved understanding of workloads and the deployment of resources, clear measures of productivity and benchmarks against the industry.

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